Social Location Marketing

Social Location Marketing
Breakthrough social location marketing techniques for promoting your service, product, or venue!

Social Location Marketing offers powerful new ways to promote practically any product, service, or venue. Now, pioneering expert Simon Salt shows exactly how to make the most of it! Salt introduces Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, and other apps, helping you choose your best options, and build cost-effective marketing programs that work. Through real examples, you’ll learn how to reach your key audiences and segments…craft and execute winning strategies on realistic budgets…measure activity and calculate ROI…avoid costly mistakes…and much more! Whatever your goal, role, or industry, this book will help you find new customers where they are, strengthen loyalty and retention, and supercharge profits!


Understand how social location marketing works and what it can (and can’t) do for your business
Learn the surprising realities about who uses social location software
Know your customers and their motivations–and build marketing plans around them
Develop communities of customer advocates who’ll work on your behalf
Use games, competitions, time-limited offers, and other innovative approaches
Successfully reach teens, tweens, women, or men
Discover proven approaches for fashion, retail, hospitality, and restaurants
Effectively handle criticism, and transform negatives into positives
Preview brand-new social location tools, including Google Hotpot
Understand the privacy issues associated with social location marketing

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