Beginning iOS Game Development


Get in the game and start building games for the iphone or iPad!

Whether you only have a little experience with iOS programming or even none at all, this accessible guide is ideal for getting started developing games for the iPhone and iPad. Experienced developer and author Patrick Alessi presents the iOS system architecture, gives you the step-by-step of game development, and introduces the languages used to develop games. From the basic building blocks to including drawing, responding to user interaction, animation, and sound, this book provides a one-stop-shop for getting your game up and running.

Explores the tools and methodology used to develop games for the iPhone and iPad
Requires no previous experience with building a game for the iOS platform
Details how iOS games require different considerations than other applications
Addresses working with the Xcode programming environment, how to draw with the Quartz 2D API, ways to handle user input, and techniques for incorporating animation with Core Animation and sound with Core Audio
If you’re ready to jump on the gaming app bandwagon, then this book is what you need to get started!

From the Back Cover
Start writing games for the iOS platform today

Want to start writing games for the iPhone? and iPad?, but you’re new to iOS development? This book provides the starting point. No matter your experience level with iOS programming, this beginner’s guide covers the technologies you need to know to get started creating fun iOS games. The coverage begins with the tools you’ll need, including Xcode? and Interface Builder, then gives you a tutorial in C and Objective-C?, the languages you’ll need to develop for iOS. Then you’ll learn how to use the Cocoa? Foundation framework and the Model-View-Controller architecture. Once you have the foundation in place, you’ll move on to the libraries you need to add graphics, animation and sound, control user interaction, and even allow players to play head-to-head across a network. Learning how to create games should be nearly as much fun as playing them, so this book offers a complete, playable game in nearly every chapter. Each game is created in simple, easy-to-understand parts, building to a full game by chapter’s end. Author Patrick Alessi explains all the code line-by-line so you’ll always know exactly what you’re building.

Beginning iOS Game Development:

Teaches you to write games by having you create real working games
Details the key libraries for creating iOS games: graphics, user interaction, animation, and sound
Shows you how to use Apple’s frameworks to make writing games simpler
Walks you through ways to effectively debug and test your games

页数: 432 pages
出版社: Wrox (December 2011)
语言: English
ISBN-10: 1118107322
ISBN-13: 978-1118107324
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