Computer Vision with Python 3

Computer Vision with Python 3 is published by in September 2017. This book has 325 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1788299763.
This book is a thorough guide for developers who want to get started with building computer vision applications using Python 3. The book is divided into five sections: The Fundamentals of Image Processing, Applied Computer Vision, Making Applications Smarter,Extending your Capabilities using OpenCV, and Getting Hands on. Throughout this book, three image processing libraries Pillow, Scikit-Image, and OpenCV will be used to implement different computer vision algorithms.

The book aims to equip readers to build Computer Vision applications that are capable of working in real-world scenarios effectively. Some of the applications that we will look at in the book are Optical Character Recognition, Object Tracking and building a Computer Vision as a Service platform that works over the internet.

What you will learn

Working with open source libraries such Pillow, Scikit-image, and OpenCV
Writing programs such as edge detection, color processing, image feature extraction, and more
Implementing feature detection algorithms like LBP and ORB
Tracking objects using an external camera or a video file
Optical Character Recognition using Machine Learning.
Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks to learn patterns in images
Leveraging Cloud Infrastructure to provide Computer Vision as a Service

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