Building a Data Integration Team

Book Description:

Find the right people with the right skills. This book clarifies best practices for creating high-functioning data integration teams, enabling you to understand the skills and requirements, documents, and solutions for planning, designing, and monitoring both one-time migration and daily integration systems.

The growth of data is exploding. With multiple sources of information constantly arriving across enterprise systems, combining these systems into a single, cohesive, and documentable unit has become more important than ever. But the approach toward integration is much different than in other software disciplines, requiring the ability to code, collaborate, and disentangle complex business rules into a scalable model.
Data migrations and integrations can be complicated. In many cases, project teams save the actual migration for the last weekend of the project, and any issues can lead to missed deadlines or, at worst, corrupted data that needs to be reconciled post-deployment. This book details how to plan strategically to avoid these last-minute risks as well as how to build the right solutions for future integration projects.

What You Will Learn

Understand the “language” of integrations and how they relate in terms of priority and ownership
Create valuable documents that lead your team from discovery to deployment
Research the most important integration tools in the market today
Monitor your error logs and see how the output increases the cycle of continuous improvement
Market across the enterprise to provide valuable integration solutions

Who This Book Is For

The executive and integration team leaders who are building the corresponding practice. It is also for integration architects, developers, and business analysts who need additional familiarity with ETL tools, integration processes, and associated project deliverables.


Author:Jarrett Goldfedder





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