Basic Linux Terminal Tips and Tricks


Book Description:

Learn command line tricks, programs, and hacks you can use day to day as a Linux user, programmer, and system administrator. When you interact with the digital world, you can’t go far without interacting with Linux systems. This book shows you how to leverage its power to serve your needs.

Many users know “top” is installed on almost all Linux machines, but did you know with a few keystrokes you can customize it specifically for your needs? Stuck using `cd` and `ls` commands for navigating file systems? This book looks at how you can use Ranger to quickly navigate through multiple levels of folders, and quickly run bash commands without ever leaving the terminal. We also suggest programs that can be used for common tasks such as finding which programs are using the most processing, data download/upload, and file space.

You’ll know how to quickly connect to remote machines and run your commonly needed jobs in a keystroke or even on auto-pilot. With Basic Linux Terminal Tips and Tricks you’ll be equipped with a wide range of tools that can be used for daily work and maintenance on all sorts of Linux systems including servers, desktops, and even embedded devices.

What You Will Learn

  • Work with common tools on your local network.
  • Techniques for efficient use of command line.
  • Easily manipulate text files for processing.
  • Monitor the state of a system with a handful of popular programs.
  • Combine programs to create useful processes.
Who This Book Is For
Anyone who is interested in Linux and Unix based operating systems as a hobby or for work.
Author:Philip Kirkbride
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