Modern Front-end Architecture


Learn how to build front-end applications that can help you ship applications faster with fewer defects. Many software projects fail because they are not planned well, or lack organization. Applying strategies from other industries can help you create better software. This book explores the “mise en place” technique from cooking and reveals how you can apply it to the art of creating software.

In many professional kitchens, the work of preparing a meal is divided and performed in workstations to help create the whole. You’ll review the philosophy behind this and see how to leverage this approach in your code. You’ll also learn to visualize your applications as a series of components and build parts of your application in isolation – just like a professional chef crafting each part of the meal.

The book describes to how to structure your code base for reuse, and how to communicate the code’s intent to other developers. You’ll develop your components in isolation and test these building blocks for quality at a granular level. Then compose these components as building blocks in increasingly complicated features. Finally, you’ll apply some strategies not directly related to code to ensure maximum quality and efficiency.

With Modern Front-end Architecture, developers of all levels will learn strategies that they and their teams can leverage to be more productive.

What You’ll Learn

  • Structure an application as a series of components
  • Build a component library that others in an organization can leverage
  • Ensure quality and accessibility at a component level rather than a page or app level
  • Test code in a way that gives the maximum amount of confidence while providing an excellent developer experience
  • Automate repeatable tasks

Who This Book Is For

Front end developers looking to maximize their code for reuse, quality, and shipping features quickly. Experienced developers will pick up new techniques that they can apply to their code base. Less experienced developers will be able to start applications off on the right foot.


Author: Ryan Lanciaux
Length: 141 pages
Edition: 1
Language: English
Publisher: Apress
Publication Date: 2021-02-21
ISBN-10: 1484266242
ISBN-13: 9781484266243

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